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Blood and Guts

The white guitar was somehow bloodied during a local show. I didn’t notice it until the last song of our set, at which point I looked down at my hands only to discover that they were clean.  A more thorough inspection after the show revealed that the blood was actually not mine. I never did find out whose it was. I decided to leave it on the guitar for some time before I came to the conclusion that it, not being mine, was actually kind of gross. The blood on the grey guitar, however, is mine. I purchased this guitar on Ebay for a whopping $100. I was looking for something in a Les Paul body style that was cheap enough to break if the moment ever came. While I did throw it around a bit, I never got the chance to break it into pieces. The brand name was “Great” and was actually written to vaguely resemble the Gibson logo. This caused some cunfusion, when scouring Ebay for a cheap guitar, I thought I’d found a silverburst at an incredible bargain. That was not the case. I mainly used this guitar for “Why Try Harder,” as it’s typically the last song of our shows and has an alternate tuning (F#/F#/C#/F#/A#/D#). Moving around quite a bit often resulted in the dropping of guitar picks, necessitating the need to play with just my hands… which explains the blood. As much of a piece of crap as this guitar was, I kinda liked it and couldn’t really bring myself to totally destroy it.

However, one night after playing a show, all was lost. We booked the show, which makes us the people to talk to about getting paid at the end of the night. Apparently, neither one of the opening bands or the bartender were aware of this as the wrong band took everyone’s money at the end of the night. To top it all off, the band took my bag of cables which happened to have my car keys inside. At almost 4 am my girlfriend had to come and rescue me. We somehow managed to fit everything inside and a couple hours later I was home. Being almost 6am I decided just to leave the gear in the car and unpack it later. the sun was coming up and what kind of person would break into a car on a busy street in broad daylight? Did I mention I live on one of the largest campuses in the country? Yeah, so that’s who breaks into cars on busy streets in broad daylight apparently. When I went out to the car around noon I immediately saw the shattered glass. My heart sank. While I’m smart enough to insure my gear… I wasn’t exactly dying to have a conversation with a claims adjuster.  Fortunately the thieves only took one thing. Apparently, when breaking into a car on a busy street in broad daylight one doesn’t have the privilege of discrimination. So they took the Great bloody guitar. Value when new, $100. Value after paint had been chipped, strap buttons broken off and replaced with screws, and covered in a fair amount of someone’s (mine) blood, $0.

My gear is like my children. Even the stuff I’m not particularly proud of, I still love in a special way. There’s really no piece of gear I’m comfortable with losing, whether it be a crappy guitar, or a $10 cable. In fact, the nicest thing about this guitar was the case that I’d bought for it which was worth more than the guitar itself. By the time it was stolen, it was so beaten from traveling that it was worth practically nothing either. I just wish I could have seen their faces when they opened that case. They probably couldn’t sell it for a dollar, but I’d gladly purchase it back for another hundred.


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We are a three piece. Sometimes we're a two piece, but most often we're a four piece if you count our trusty machine "Chris." We play music, and listen to music, and we bleed music (and some blood). We don't talk much, but we do write much... so this is our way of compensating for not talking during shows or pretty much anywhere else.

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